Michael Marmor Family Photo
Hi, I’m Michael

I'm the Head of Software Engineering and Delivery in the Data Analytics group at Anglo American.

After many years as an independent consulting CTO, I have taken a permanent role at one of the most technically advanced and socially progressive mining companies in the world. As the Head of Software Engineering, I am helping to enable a digital transformation where we use data and cutting-edge data science to reduce pollution, improve safety, and increase the stainability of mining operations.

I'm currently overseeing the creation of the VOXEL platform, which is a next-generation portfolio of integrated software and data tools for the mining industry. VOXEL will quite literally make the world a better place: safer, healthier, and less wasteful. The VOXEL software platform is a game-changer for sustainability and value growth, and I'm excited to be a part of producing it.

While I'm no longer accepting consulting engagements, you can still reach out to me on LinkedIn, and I may be able to refer you to trusted consulting CTOs I have worked with in the past.