About Michael Marmor

I am a software outsourcing specialist and consulting CTO who has been building high-performing offshore software engineering teams around the world since 1999. I am based in Charlotte, NC, married, have a young son, and love what I do!

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What I Do

Software Development Outsourcing Guidance

I’ve developed a streamlined workflow that allows me to guide medium to large-sized businesses through the process of hiring, onboarding, retaining, and scaling remote, outsourced software engineering teams. The majority of my clients are companies that want to build teams of five to fifty software engineers and are considering outsourcing in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe or Southern Africa.

I’ve worked with more than 96 software outsourcing companies around the world over the last 30 years. Clients hire me to facilitate engagement with these overseas outsourcing companies. I help my clients avoid common mistakes, reduce risk, and achieve better engineering and financial outcomes from their outsourced software developers. Learn more about outsourcing guidance for medium to large-sized software businesses here.

Software Startup Consulting

I have been a Chief Technology Officer at a dozen startups and guided software companies from the back-of-the-napkin idea stage to hundreds of employees and millions of customers. I have long-standing, trust-already-earned relationships with software development outsourcing companies around the world. I also have the business, management, and in-depth technical chops to provide oversight during the product creation process and ensure that best practices are understood and observed. For startup ventures that need to develop new software products with flexible, fast-scaling remote teams, I may be the perfect fit. Learn more about consulting CTO services for software startups here.

Software Investor Services

I offer my clients facilitated engagements with companies I trust that specialize in ethical hacking, code review, application profiling, software security, and quality audits. Part of winning the software outsourcing game is to build in checks-and-balances at both the social level and the technical level. Ongoing code review and continuous hacking are an essential part of building high-performing teams and shipping clean, secure code. As an investor, they can help you sleep at night. Learn more about software investor services here.

My Values

Investing in outsourced software development is a significant and potentially high-risk decision. Picking the right trusted advisor and companies to work with is extremely important. I encourage you to take the time to read my testimonials, learn about my services, watch my videos, and reach out to me so we can get to know each other. Below are a few of my core values:


I pride myself on clear, concise, and timely communication. It is hard enough to create high-quality software when your team is in the same room. When you introduce global distances, time zones, and radically different work and family cultures, projects live or die based on the effectiveness of communication. I will respond to your inquiries, big or small, promptly and in the clearest way possible. I also hold your outsourced teams to that same standard.

Quality and Value

Outsourcing providers around the world are becoming more sophisticated. Many will tell you that they can help you with all phases of your business, from requirements definition to branding design to hosting and day-to-day operations. The reality is that most software development outsourcing companies have a very narrow focus; stray too far outside of their wheelhouse and quality drops like a rock.

In the short term, hiring an experienced, independent, US-based advisor like me costs considerably more than depending solely on the resources provided by an outsourcing company. In the long run, my clients typically save many multiples of my consulting fees. In many cases, my clients can ship software that they would never have completed without my help.

Why? Because after two decades of specializing in software development outsourcing, I’ve seen it all. Recognizing negative and positive patterns in outsourcing and software development allows me to help my clients avoid common mistakes, reduce risk, and achieve better engineering and financial outcomes. There is a reason I won’t be the cheapest quote you get, and that reason is experience.

Relationship Building

When I work with a client, I am always thinking about the long-term. I don’t want to put together a development team and walk away. I want to create a long-lasting relationship to ensure your outsourced software development team performs for you over the long haul. From early MVP strategy planning through scaling to millions of customers, I hope to earn your long-term business as a trusted advisor. That, and I’m pretty cool and fun to work with.

Ready to Work Together?

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