Investor Services Reviews

I have been working closely with investors for 25 years. Non-technical investors depend on me to facilitate technical engagements with companies that specialize in ethical hacking, code review, open source audits, and due diligence. Here is what a few of my trusted partners say about working with me on behalf of investors:

“. . . kept all the teams in sync and rowing in the same direction”

Given my firm’s great experience, I can highly recommend Michael for any company looking for a consulting CTO. He has done a stellar job helping one of our portfolio companies navigate complex software and technology-related decisions. Michael ran the process that helped us identify and select a software partner, negotiate the MSA, SOW, and SLA agreements, set up Google Cloud Platform, and kept all the teams in sync and rowing in the same direction. He is a true professional, always well prepared for meetings, incredibly responsive, quickly distilling our ideas and plans into diagrams, mindmaps, and charts that help the executive team understand the technology big picture and how the parts fit together. He continues to be an enormous asset to the team, and we expect to bring him in on future investments.

Tim Swafford Partner, Rutledge Equity Partners

“. . . a lot of experience with software development, security by design, and best practices”

I met Michael earlier this year when he engaged PullRequest to conduct a code review for one of his clients. PullRequest offers code review as a service that helps developers deliver high-quality code by providing an extra line of defense to prevent security vulnerabilities and other fatal flaws. We worked with Michael to perform a full project quality review to help secure his client’s codebase. Michael has a lot of experience with software development, security by design, and best practices, and our team enjoyed working with him. Michael has the technical and leadership skills to use the feedback from our review to establish development baselines and improve development practices. Our team at PullRequest looks forward to working with Michael and his clients on future projects.

Dan Mateer Chief Operating Officer, PullRequest

“I can’t begin to tell you how much better things go when someone with Michael’s experience is involved”

For the last year, my company Cloud2Scale has been working with Michael to provide operations, security, and DevOps capabilities to one of his US-based clients. What is most exciting about working with Michael is his knowledge and enthusiasm for what we call DevOps culture. Michael is simultaneously coordinating multiple software development and security teams in different countries. He knows how vital automation and robust deployment are to improve development speed, increase quality, and add reliability to the production application. That is what our company does best, but it cannot be achieved in a vacuum. My support team in India needs to work closely with the application developers in Europe to gain the efficiencies that DevOps promises. Michael has done an excellent job of making a case for the value of what we do and getting everyone on board for a fully integrated global development and deployment process. I can’t begin to tell you how much better things go when someone with Michael’s experience is involved. My team at Cloud2Scale is excited to work with Michael on future projects.

Sharath Raghavan Co-Founder, Cloud2Scale

“. . . terrific at establishing understanding across cultures”

Fluid Attacks is an IT security company specializing in information security testing, pen-testing, and ethical hacking. I have known Michael for several years, and my team recently completed a security assessment for one of his clients. To get the most out of our code review and security services, we have to work closely with the application development team. Michael helped to facilitate this process, which involved organizing teams in Ukraine, India, Colombia, and the US to cooperate and communicate. Michael was terrific at establishing understanding across cultures and ensuring that all the diverse global team members understood the importance of fixing the software vulnerabilities we identified. We have a great relationship with Michael, and we know he brings a lot to the table. My team and I look forward to working with him and his clients in the future.

Mauricio Gómez Chairman, Fluid Attacks