Startup CTO Reviews

As an experienced consulting CTO, I have the business, management, and in-depth technical know‑how to provide oversight during the product creation process. My goal is to help software startups avoid common mistakes, reduce risk, and achieve better engineering and financial outcomes from software development efforts. Here is what a few of my startup clients say about working with me:

“. . . supremely skilled as a technologist, a cultural facilitator, and as a sounding board for business ideas”

We hit the jackpot when we found Michael during a Google search. Engaging with high-quality talent is always difficult and risky regardless of how much time you invest or the quality of the referral source. In this case, what started with a simple web search has grown into a valued partnership that has now spanned two years and several startup companies. While searching for a “Consulting CTO,” we found a “Technical Co-founder.”

I have started multiple technology companies, and for CPA standards, I know a lot about the software development process. I also have considerable experience with software development outsourcing, having engaged teams in Ukraine, India, Poland, and Mexico. Michael, however, has a far greater depth of experience—particularly with overseas teams—and is supremely skilled as a technologist, a cultural facilitator, and as a sounding board for business ideas. Very few people have brains that are equally good at both the logic of engineering and the creativity of business, and fewer still are also excellent communicators and well organized. Michael is the rare breed that has it all in one package. His level of expertise is terrific, and he is a pleasure to work with.

He is responsible, responsive, and has exceptional integrity. In more than 30 years of working internationally for large and small companies, I can say that I have never felt more comfortable knowing that Michael is the one providing technical oversight for our software development and innovation initiatives. Michael has earned my highest recommendation, and I look forward to working with him for years to come.

Michael McCarthy CEO & Founder, Repositax, Inc.

“. . . very methodological in approaching startup ideas and has proven to be excellent in putting global teams together and getting them working”

I met Michael through a software sourcing company in 2018. I was in the early stage of creating a software startup business centered around the use of augmented reality for the healthcare market. As an entrepreneur with a healthcare operations background, I needed to partner with a technology expert to design and build the product I envisioned. I had many challenges, including narrowing down the company’s scope to arrive at a Minimal Viable Product and sourcing the right solution partners. Michael did an incredible job guiding me as we defined the requirements for the product, created a development plan, and structured a statement of work to serve my company’s best interest. We met with teams of outsourced software engineers in different countries and ended up selecting two companies with different areas of expertise, both in Hungary. The software solutions team that Michael helped to assemble has been a critical asset for me. Michael is very methodological in approaching startup ideas and has proven to be excellent in putting global teams together and getting them working. He has a vast understanding of technology—both in technical and business terms. He has a great sense of humor, is very thoughtful and personable. Without Michael’s involvement and guidance over the last two years, I would never have successfully created the company and developed the first product.

Oya Celikbilek Founder, VERO Healthcare Technologies, LLC

“. . . kept all the teams in sync and rowing in the same direction”

Given my firm’s great experience, I can highly recommend Michael for any company looking for a consulting CTO. He has done a stellar job helping one of our portfolio companies navigate complex software and technology-related decisions. Michael ran the process that helped us identify and select a software partner, negotiate the MSA, SOW, and SLA agreements, set up Google Cloud Platform, and kept all the teams in sync and rowing in the same direction. He is a true professional, always well prepared for meetings, incredibly responsive, quickly distilling our ideas and plans into diagrams, mindmaps, and charts that help the executive team understand the technology big picture and how the parts fit together. He continues to be an enormous asset to the team, and we expect to bring him in on future investments.

Tim Swafford Partner, Rutledge Equity Partners

“. . . opened up a world of technology options and monetization strategies that I had not previously considered”

I was introduced to Michael by a friend who had worked with him for many years and encouraged me to reach out to him. I was in the research and planning stage of a software startup, and our mutual friend thought Michael would be a good technology advisor for my company. He was right. Michael asked a lot of questions about the business model rather than just focusing on how to design and build my product. Working with Michael opened up a world of technology options and monetization strategies that I had not previously considered. I highly recommend Michael, not only for the technical part of building software but also for his knowledge of the software marketplace and his experience with early-stage startups. You will not be disappointed.

Jonathan Meyers Founder & CEO, Pre-Launch Startup

“. . . perfect understanding of our needs”

Michael and I met through a business connection as we were searching for a consulting Chief Technology Officer for our newly formed company. Our biggest challenge was to select the right software platform to provide analytics for our group and to provide oversight during the development and implementation of the system. Michael’s in-depth knowledge of the benefits of various technologies, expertise in software contracts, and his perfect understanding of our needs made this cumbersome process an excellent learning experience for all of us. I highly recommend Michael for all businesses seeking a true subject matter expert in technology assessment, contracting, and implementation of large-scale technology projects.

David Mahvi Managing Partner, Carolina Kidney Partners

“Michael's guidance has been essential”

Whystle is a residential and commercial cleaning service that provides simple online booking, so people know what they are getting, how much they are paying, and can get their time back. Michael has been a technical and business advisor helping us evaluate our options as we expand and enhance our digital platform. He has an excellent understanding of the technology and technical staffing issues that startup companies like ours face. Michael’s guidance has been essential, and we are excited to introduce new technological capabilities with his insight and support.

Christopher Wright Founder & CEO, Whystle

“. . . insight and practical advice from our very first conversation”

I found Michael on LinkedIn while searching for a consulting CTO for my software startup, and I must state that it’s been a blessing working with him. Michael had a lot of insight and practical advice from our very first conversation. He has an easy to understand method for reducing risk in software development, which I liked a lot. He focuses on product strategy and market fit as much as software engineering, a unique part of his approach and value. Michael’s experience and guidance have been invaluable; he made me see lapses in the development of my software product, as well as gave me very detailed analysis, and set me on the path to doing it right. I highly recommend working with Michael, and my biggest goal is to have him as a consulting partner for years to come.

Nnamdi Chimaroke Founder & CEO, dodate

“. . . able to navigate our rapidly evolving organization and work effectively with people from highly diverse backgrounds and cultures”

As a member of the founding team for Bhutan’s first private, Western-oriented, and advanced technology college, I knew that getting our internal software systems and IT infrastructure right was crucial. We needed a leader with excellent, wide-ranging software development, technology, and team management skills. We needed a highly self-motivated CIO that could perceive and articulate the future role of software and technology at the college. Enter Michael. He did all this, and he did it exceptionally well. Michael was able to navigate our rapidly evolving organization and work effectively with people from highly diverse backgrounds and cultures. I have kept in touch with Michael since he started his independent consulting practice, and I continue to look to him for advice about technology and software. I continue to be impressed by his connections, business experience, and ability to build a highly capable technical team whenever needed. Consider yourself lucky to harness his capabilities for your organization.

Dr. Douglas Schofield Senior Advisor and Professor, Royal Thimphu College

“He nails it”

Michael and I worked together on multiple consulting engagements over the last three years. We traveled extensively, meeting with clients all over the US, so I got to know him well both personally and professionally. Michael is a gifted technologist and an exceptional communicator. I’ve had a long career in technology management, and I can safely say that nobody explains technically complicated ideas to a diverse group of project stakeholders as clearly as Michael can. He nails it. He has a comprehensive understanding of software architecture, development techniques, offshore outsourcing, and substantial business experience. We worked exceptionally well together, and I felt that the two of us could accomplish a great deal for our clients in a relatively short time. If your company needs help with software development outsourcing or needs product development guidance from an experienced consulting CTO, Michael is the one you want.

Bobby Dewrell Certified Executive Coach, Leadership Trainer and Speaker