VIDEO: Product Roadmaps 101

What is a Product Roadmap, and why do I need one?

Product Roadmaps are high-level strategic plans that help create alignment among everyone involved in creating a product. That can include software developers, designers, marketing, sales, customer support, investors, and others.

The Product Roadmap shows everyone on the team how we expect the product to grow and mature over time and how this impacts their day-to-day work. The Product Roadmap decodes strategic decisions and turns them into clear, actionable, tactical plans. These plans provide high-level direction for software development teams and all the other stakeholders to do their part to create success for the product.

Download a Free Product Roadmap Template

Product Roadmap Template

You can get a copy of the Goal-Oriented Product Roadmap Template discussed in the video. The Roadmap is a Google Sheet, so follow this link and then select File | Make a Copy to make an editable copy in your own Google account, or File | Download to download the Roadmap in various formats.

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